3tieredcravat: (Logic)
2011-12-27 10:01 am

[Edgeworth's Hotel Room]

[Here's an anything-goes post for anyone who may wish to interact with Edgeworth in any way at any time. All is welcome under the premise that Edgeworth is either entering or vacating his hotel room. Or just walk right in if you want to be an ass about it. Either way, here is where anyone from anywhere can take advantage of the opportunity to harass a random Edgeworth whenever they see fit.]
3tieredcravat: (Eureka)
2011-12-26 05:12 am

Miles Edgeworth

[This is an open journal for the character of Miles Edgeworth of the Ace Attorney series. He is a RP community vagrant - created for the sole purpose of paying dressing room visits. May join an RP if there is time, but for now... Not quite sure about that. Mun can be reached at roseraqs@gmail.com, or simply here.]